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Less is more

Transforming fashion sustainably with efficient SaaS technology

Less powers a sustainable and scalable
circular solution for online fashion and lifestyle businesses

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Transform your online fashion and lifestyle business with our circular-as-a-service rental plugin for a sustainable and profitable future!

Less is cost-effective, scalable, and accelerates the circular economy with efficient saas technology designed specifically for the fashion & lifestyle industry.
How it works
The power of Rentals

Fast and efficient b2b circular-saas plugin

Easy plugin solution: Rent (or resell) items directly on brands website effortlessly
Seamless Integration: Integrates directly into existing webshops in just a couple of days
Dual Revenue Streams: Unlock up to +50% more revenue through rentals and resale
Sustainability Boost: 20–30% reduction in CO2 emissions and waste
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ai optimization

AI algorithm for smart data-based price optimization

Less will utilize an AI algorithm to provide a comprehensive solution for price optimization and CO2 tracking for rental items. By analyzing data on rental rates and customer demand, the AI algorithm will identify optimal pricing strategies while tracking energy usage and emissions for accurate CO2 footprint tracking.
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Attractive pricing model

Transactional fee: Charged as a percentage of each transaction
Fixed fee for reverse logistics: Covers costs of cleaning and delivery of returned items.
SaaS licence: Offers additional features and a full data package, available in tiered pricing from basic (freemium) to premium based on transactions/volume
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Solution features
Sustainability focus

Circular economy

Promote circular economy and sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions and waste
Close the loop: resell or recycle rented items to minimize environmental impact
Provide affordable & sustainable shopping access to fashion and lifestyle items
Grow and expand

B2B rentals

Expand your customer base
Double your revenue by offering rentals
Join our community of like-minded fashion professionals that cares about sustainability
All in one

Plugin solution

Integrate our rental script seamlessly with our all-in-one plugin for instant product rentals
Customize plugin to match your websites design and branding
Streamline rental process with our easy-to-use service for managing inventory, payments and reverse logistics
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What is the business impact



Expected reduction of Co2 emissions and waste


Grow market share

Attract new customers and regain former ones who have churned


Increase revenue

Gain up to 60% profit margin per item

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Discover the power of circular collaboration! We would love to hear from you, so don't hold back! Contact us for more information.
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The team

Introducing the Less team - a dynamic fusion of technology, e-commerce, community, sustainability, and sales experts, boasting over 20 years of collective experience.

Our innovative approach is poised to revolutionize the fashion and lifestyle industry. Join us on our journey to become the leading 2.0 circular B2B solution for this industry!

Drita Memisi

Founder & Ceo

Lau Bjørn Jensen


Reach out to our community experts

Stine Stjernholm

Head of Design

Cecilie Blaksted

Head of Sustainability
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